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Red5 Pro Server Version  8.2.0.b539-release


If you are seeing this page, then you have successfully downloaded and are running the Red5 Pro Server!

Live video streaming solved.

Broadcast video to millions in under 500 milliseconds.

Live Streaming

Add live video, audio and data streaming to your app with just a few lines of code.

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Web-Based Examples

Our HTML SDK has full WebRTC support with failovers for Flash and HLS.

Several examples are shipped with the Red5 Pro Server and are available to use and test at /webrtexamples.

View source on Github

Mobile Examples

We fully support Android and iOS native applications. Our optimized SDKs increase the server capacity, saving you money on hosting costs.

You can find the following Open Source native application examples on our Github:

Follow the project setup and build instructions in each project to easily create Red5 Pro native clients to begin using the above server applications!

API Documentation

To find more in-depth information about the Red5 Pro Server, the HTML SDK and Mobile SDKs, please visit